Submit Manuscript

Paper Submission Requirements:

[1] Manuscript/document must be in '.doc' format or any file format compatible with Microsoft Word ('.docx' is currently incompatible). Written work must also be double-spaced and contain at least four distinct key words pertaining to the topic of study. File size cannot exceed 2 mb.

[2] Manuscript/document must contain a suitable title, personal information [author(s) name, email address, date the study was conducted, university (if applicable), major], abstract, introduction, materials and methods, results (figures and tables if necessary), discussion, conclusion (if applicable), and references.

[3] Bibliography must be referenced in APA format. Submitting manuscripts in any other format induces the risk of having your paper rejected.

[4] References must be peer-reviewed/scholarly journal articles – no website, newspaper or magazine published articles. The work must fit in accordance with your university's policy on academic honesty. Any suspicious, uncited work will not be accepted.

[5] Publication priority will be given to undergraduates who have completed a Bachelors of Science degree in biology.

Manuscripts can be submitted to