The Journal of Undergraduate Biological Studies (JUBS) has been created to provide undergraduates the opportunity to publish their exceptional work in a professional, scientific-like manner. The studies presented herein follow the archetypical approach used by most scientists to demonstrate significant findings and conclusions that were developed during research. The JUBS can be used as an effective tool for undergraduates who are new to the concept of writing scientific reports or who are interested in comparing their current work with examples of past work that permitted students to achieve a high degree of success. If you feel that your past work has demonstrated some form of contribution to a particular biological concept or process investigated previously in literature, we strongly recommend submitting your work to our database. Our team will critically review your document and publish it free of charge upon approval. The reviewer's rating will ultimately determine the disposition of the manuscript submitted. Published manuscripts will accredit the respective author(s) and be available for viewing in our database and in most search engines. This is your opportunity to have your name publicly acknowledged by the scientific community.

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